Garden Committee

You don’t need a green thumb, just a helping hand!
*Volunteers needed year round*

Coordinator:  Sarah Lauerman,

Volunteer opportunities include working on any of the following:

Daily Garden Maintenance
Commitment: Maintenance can incorporate a range of volunteer opportunities from
daily, short visits (watering) to 6-hour work days (and anything in between).  Often
flexible and childcare sometimes provided.  Opportunities include:

  • Planting/weeding/watering/mulching
  • Turning compost/preparing garden beds – Sign Up Online
  • At-home seedling/plant care

Garden Projects
Commitment: 1-2 hours, times vary (typically between 8:30-11:30am).  Volunteer hours from options 1, 2 and 3 (below) go towards your in-class volunteer commitment.  Opportunities include:

  1. Assist Master Gardener, Mary Ann Harris, in special garden-based lessons (all grades).
  2. Lead or assist simple garden projects with the support of the garden committee (approx. 1-2 hrs).
  3. Lead or assist in making recipes related to garden projects/lessons (approx. 1 hr).
  4. Collect/organize materials needed for garden projects (time commitment flexible / can be done from home).

Research Garden-based Curriculum
Commitment: Can be done from home.  Home computer and internet connection often required.  Hours are flexible.  Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Search the internet and other resources for new curriculum-based garden/outdoor projects (all grades).
  • Organize/update garden project binders.
  • Search for new resources to enhance learning through the gardens

Please contact Sarah Lauerman ( with any questions or to sign up to help with the Garden Committee.