In Memory of Mrs. Egan


Mrs. Anni Egan held the prestigious role of principal of Healthy Learning Academy for over a decade.  The success of HLA is testament to her dedication and enthusiasm for education. Mrs. Egan loved and cared for her students deeply which they also showed her in return. The students enjoyed coming to school and were always eager to learn. HLA embodies principles that Mrs. Egan had always held dear to her heart. A healthy mind along with a healthy body are closely connected and Mrs. Egan made it her mission in life to help each child see this in their own way.
Mrs. Egan passed away peacefully on Friday, April 13,2018 after a hard and heroic battle with cancer. Throughout her fight, Mrs. Egan never let her dedication to the school waiver. She continued to be an active role model and set the example for her students and staff.  Mrs. Egan will be greatly missed by the HLA family and we will continue to carry on her vision everyday here at HLA.