Second Grade Materials List

2nd Grade Supply List

  • One 3-pack of highlighters
  • One pack BLACK broad tip low odor dry eraser markers
  • One box of colored pencils
  • One pack of colored markers (washable)
  • One 4-pack of glue sticks
  • Four composition books (wide ruled) blue, green, red and yellow
  • One pair of 6″-7″ children’s scissors
  • Two packages of wide ruled notebook paper
  • Five packages lined, white index cards (3×5)
  • Three or four packages of sticky notes (light colors)
  • Four red grading pencils
  • One wood ruler with both inches and centimeters
  • Two packages of pencil top erasers
  • One zipper pouch with three holes (to be placed in purple home folder)
  • Four vinyl pocket folders with 3 prong middle to hold papers (1 purple, 1 red, 1 blue, 1 green)
  • Yoga mat with first and last name printed on all four corners. This will stay at school.
  • Insulated water bottle that is clearly labeled – please send fresh water everyday!