Kindergarten Materials List

Welcome to Kindergarten!!!

The following is a supply list of items that your child will need for kindergarten at HLA.

*Yoga Mat with first and last name printed on all four corners. This will stay at school (traditional thin mats work best)

*Insulated water bottle that is clearly labeled (permanent marker) with student’s name.  Please send fresh water each day!

*Small hard plastic pencil or supply case (any color) measuring approx… 5” wide x 7”long and about 2”deep

*1 clear window (any color) zippered pencil case with reinforced metal holes which fits 3 –ring binder

*3 spiral thin lined notebooks (50-100 pages only) (red, blue and yellow) we will use these for reading notebooks, math and science journals.

*Play dough – variety of colors (pack of 4 or 6 is perfect)

* 2 bottles of washable school glue (not glitter or colored) traditional white (4 fl oz)

*2 vinyl folders (purple) we will use these for homework and take home papers

*1 pair of Fiskars scissors (Left handed if your child is left-handed)

*Tempra paint (Crayola sells a 10 color count or a 6 color count with each bottle being 2 oz.) available at Target or Walmart for around $4.99.  If you are unable to find a color pack of paint just purchase one color (16 oz.) bottle of your child’s favorite color.

*2 Crayola Crayons pack of 24

*4 black (fine point) dry erase markers

*1 package of colorful (thick point) dry erase markers

* 1 package of colorful markers

* 2 pink erasers

* clip board (letter size) (hardboard)

*Extra set of labeled clothes, including socks and underwear (just in case of spills or accidents) these will stay at school.

*Backpack, lunch box and snack box are all optional as you feel needed. It may be easier for your child to have these items as they begin Kindergarten in the fall.