Kindergarten Materials List

Welcome to Kindergarten!!

yoga mat not needed at this time.
1 insulated plastic water bottle – labeled with name
1 lunch box/bag – labeled with name
1 snack bag – labeled with name
1 purple folder for now (will need 1 in Jan)
1 pack of crayons (will need 1 in Jan)
1 or 2 glue sticks
1 pack of fat markers (will need replacement in Jan)
2 pencils (please keep remainder of pack at home until replacement needed)
2 black dry erase markers ( will need replacement at some time)
1 pair of blunt scissors – any color
1 plastic pencil case – any color – to keep above listed material
1 pack of 4 or 6 colored playdough
1 clear window (any color) zippered pencil case with reinforced metal holes to fit a 3 ring binder
1 extra set of labeled clothes, including socks and underwear (in case of accidents).  Please keep in a gallon sized ziploc bag labeled with name.  These will be kept in the cubby.
spiral notebooks or paint