Board of Directors meeting minutes October 2014


Board of Directors Meeting- October 21, 2014


  1. Welcome/Introductions –
  • Board members present at the meeting: Carolyn Lichty, Tom Robinson, Sharon Sperling, Sheila Crapo, Wendy Heimann, and Bettianne Ford. Also attending, Anni Egan, Principal.

Old Business

  • Sheila Crapo moved to approve the August minutes as amended, Seconded by Carolyn.  Unanimously approved, motion carried.
  • Follow up from August meeting
    • Bonding employees handling money -Auditors indicated that this was not necessary per Auditor and ASB.
    • Policy manual – (P.18) Discipline policy changes discussed.  Specifically, the issue of suspension/time-out and it was decided that Principal Egan and Board Member Ford needed to revisit the language.  They will make the changes and send the document out electronically.
  1. New Business
  • Member Sperling noted that surplus could be used to pay down one of two existing liens with emphasis on potential balloon payment on first. –
  • Estimated that HLA will remain under budget for 2014 but estimated that surplus will be reduced by $13,000.00 due to salary/payroll adjustments.
  • Issue of overtime pay for summer work noted and tabled for next meeting (December 9, 2014).
  • Chelsee/Substitute v. Salary numbers discussed.
  • PECO numbers down due to increasing number of charter schools.
  • Review and approve budget –Discussion re Principal Egan’s Overview.  Further discussion as to whether actual numbers vs. projected needed to be amended monthly for accurate accounting.  Principal Egan to follow-up.
  • Motion made by Member Sperling and Seconded by Member Crapo to pay down principal on first note by $1,000.00 per month through June 2015. Motion carried unanimously-payment is at discretion of Principal Egan.
  • Motion to Approve Expenditures from August and September 2014-Member Braun Moved and Member Heimann Seconded. Unanimously carried.
  • Member Sperling confirmed verbally and via email that she has reviewed bank statements.
  • Accrual of payroll and changes to this year’s policy- Health care law changes /Insurance: Previous policy was to pay monthly stipend of to $350.00 to reimburse for monthly HC cost. Current law disallows due to taxable nature of this “benefit.”  Options include continuing to pay subject to applicable State/Federal taxes.
  • Member Braun made the motion to increase teacher salaries by $325 per month and eliminate the health insurance reimbursement, beginning November 15th, 2014, due to new IRS guidelines. Member Crapo seconded.  Board unanimously approved and motion carried.
  • Member Braun moved that any employees not formerly considered salaried, who are working 35 hours per week be considered salaried, with the additional $325 per month increase, beginning November 15th, Member Heimann seconded. Board unanimously approved and motion carried.
  • Anni Egan will write a memo addressing this issue and submit to Sharon Sperling for approval.
  •  Use of A+ funds-Allotted amount presumed to be in the range of $9,000.00. Principal Egan made proposal regarding dispersal of the funds to staff members.
  • Board Members discussed alternate uses of money. Board Member Braun suggested using money for staff and purchase of educational materials.  Matter tabled for December Meeting after Principal Egan can discuss with staff.
  • Yard care and playground equipment – tabled until future meeting in Spring 2015
  • Principal’s evaluation- The board will meet on November 5th at 4:00 p.m. at Sharon Sperling’s office to complete the principal evaluation. Bettianne will send out email reminder with attachment.   The board will present the evaluation at the December meeting.
  • Specific teacher stipends requested by Principal Anni Egan will be discussed at the December board meeting.

4. Public Comment Period – no public comment


The board will meet on December 9th at 4:00 p.m. at HLA.

Bettianne Ford adjourned the meeting at 5:55 p.m.

Submitted by Tom Robinson and Bettianne Ford