February 2016 Newsletter

February, 2016                                                                        Volume 10  Number 6



*February 2nd/9th/16th   –   Publix field trips (walking)

*February 5th                    –    Food drive deadline

*February 8th                    –    100th  Day of School

*February 15th                 –    Presidents’ Day

*February 16th                 –    HLA Board of Directors meeting – 4:30 p.m.

*February 20th                 –    Five Points of Life races

*February 24th                 –    Playground information meeting – 5:00 p.m.

*February 24th                 –    Parent Involvement Night (All grades) Success In School – Invite on reverse

*February 26th                 –    Morning Mile Tour

*March     1st                    –    FSA Writing – 4th  and 5th grade

*March     17th                 –    Parent Involvement Night (All grades) Science Fair


*It looks like February is another busy month!  Please be sure to mark the dates on your calendar.


*I wanted to take a moment to thank those of you who spend Morning Meetings with us on occasion. It is such a special time and I know we adults get just as much out of it as the children. If you have not yet experienced Morning Meeting, I hope you will take time one morning to do so. It generally goes from 7:45-8:00 a.m.  Also, you are always welcome to volunteer or visit your children’s classrooms and see all the exciting learning that is happening! J

*Please be sure your children are wearing sneakers (tennis shoes) and socks, every day, as specified in our dress code. We are having increased incidents of children wearing other footwear and will begin calling parents to bring in sneakers if this continues to be a problem.

*We will be participating in the Five Points of Life Kids Marathon on Saturday, February 20th. Even if your child has not been participating in Run Club or Morning Mile, this is a great opportunity to get them out there to walk/run one mile. All participants receive beautiful medals and t-shirts. For more information and to register your children please visit: http://www.fivepointsoflife.com/race/registration/kids-marathon/

If you have questions, ask an HLA staff member and they will be happy to help!

*I am very shortly going to order quite a bit of mulch to refresh the Morning Mile track.  When you see it out there please feel free to come spread some. This volunteer activity can be done at any time. The pitchfork and rakes are in the garden sheds and the wheelbarrow is against the wall. We also really need some new Morning Mile volunteers, and some adults to come run with and motivate the children!

Your continued support is what makes the difference in our school and your children’s education!

Thank you!