Kindergarten TIPS

Teachers Involving Parents in Schoolwork (TIPS)

Dear Parents/Guardians,

At Healthy Learning Academy (HLA), we consider your children’s education a three way partnership; parent, student and school.  Research consistently demonstrates that parental involvement is a primary factor in children’s success in school.  TIPS assignments are a routine part of our commitment to involving you in your children’s education.

Please visit each of the websites below and provide feedback on a separate sheet of paper.  Feedback should include both parent and student’s experience in using the resources provided. Please complete at least one activity at each site (if applicable).  Reading readiness k readiness

Did you learn anything new?  What information did your find most valuable?  How do you plan to use this information in the future?


We look forward to discussing your findings at your Meet & Greet interview.


Child’s name________________________________________

Parents’ Name(s)_____________________________________