Mrs. Anni Egan

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I have been in the education field since 1999 and have been with Healthy Learning Academy since its inception in 2006.  I became principal in 2007. It was a dream come true for me to be an integral part of a school whose mission mirrored what I had been doing in my own classrooms, helping children build healthy minds and bodies, while increasing their respect for the environment and each other.   It has been my extreme pleasure to watch our school grow from 30 students (K-2) and four staff members to over 100 students (K-5) and 16 staff members.  During this time, we expanded our original charter, at the request of parents, to include third through fifth grade.  We moved from the old location we shared with the Girls’ Place and purchased and renovated the building we are located in now.  We implemented a successful after school program, and so much more.  My incredible husband, Tim, has supported me and the school in every way, ranging from helping to maintain the school to accepting the many hours I spend working at home to ensure the school runs smoothly.  I look forward to leading upcoming generations in a unique educational experience and following them as they become the future leaders of America.

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