Fourth Grade Materials List

(6) Double Pocket 3-Ring Dividers *

 (1) Heavy Duty 3-Ring Binder (White Only)*(

(4) Erasable Pen (Black Only)

(1) 12inch Ruler (Not Flexible)

(1) Protractor 

(4) Dry Erase Marker (Black Only)

(2) Yellow Highlighters

(5) Zipper Binder Pockets*

(1) Pencil Pouch*

This list has four items noted with an “*” because they will need to last all year. These will be traveling between school and home on a daily basis and are important for keeping materials organized. I have provided Office Depot item numbers for reference as 

Digital Online Requirements

In the fourth grade classroom we utilize two apps that will help with communication and accessing material from off campus. These two sites are for parents to monitor and help their child grow and become more responsible.

Remind App: This is the major form of communication for parents and teachers. You can message me directly as well as you will receive announcement or notification about school. If I need to contact you (non-emergency), I will message you through here.

Google Classroom: This app is going to have weekly assignments on it that your child will receive in class. If your child forgets their assignment or looses them, you can easily locate it and print from home. This site also has due dates and will be available to submit work.